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My Voices Have Tourettes

          "My Voices Have Tourettes" is a unique Stand-Up Comedy show and Podcast that features comedians with disorders and syndromes to help raise awareness for Mental Health and Neurological Disorders in a fun way! The stand-up show was created for Reykjavík Fringe 2018 by "HED Syndrome", a group consisting of one comedian with Schizophrenia (Hannah Proppé Bailey) and two comedians with Tourette Syndrome (Elva Dögg and Dan Zerin). With the show’s instant success and a news article after the first night, the popular demand of Reykjavík citizens and traveling tourists led to “Voices” becoming a weekly show at its home, The Secret Cellar (Iceland's first and only comedy club).


"Voices" has now featured more than ten comedians, been highlighted in almost every media outlet here in Iceland (and a couple in Finland and Sweden), and 2019 brought an array of success.

In 2019, the comedians were invited to speak at schools, perform at private events and local mental health/neurological disorder organizations, hosted their first charity event called "Voices For Charity”, and performed “Voices” in three countries (Iceland, Finland, and Sweden). “Voices” has won awards in all three countries it has been performed in and, at the end of 2019, was nominated for Hvatningarverðlaun (Motivational Award) at Öryrkjabandalag Ísland’s Annual Award Ceremony. During the award ceremony, co-creator/host of “Voices” Dan Zerin performed a stand-up set right before the President of Iceland gave a speech to announce the winners. In his speech, the President thanked Dan, personally, for his set and tireless efforts to help and better the mental health/neurological community.


In 2020, the newest addition to the show was created. The PODCAST! "My Voices Have Tourettes" is now available in Podcast form on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, and more! 

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