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Hello, 2019!

2018 has ended, but it started a new chapter in the story called "My Life".

List of accomplishments in 2018:

-Performed my first two private stand up comedy gigs.

-The first and only comedy club in Iceland, The Secret Cellar, opens and I started working as a bartender.

-Co-created two stand up comedy shows for the Reykjavik Fringe Festival; “My Voices Have Tourettes” and “Thor vs Jesus”.

-Performed stand up comedy in a festival for the first time in my life in three shows; “My Voices Have Tourettes”, “Thor vs Jesus”, and the “Goldengang Comedy Variety Show”.

-Started actively trying to stop suppressing my tics.

-A news article was written about my show “My Voices Have Tourettes”.

-Co-created the only comedy game show in Iceland, Seat Filler.

-“My Voices Have Tourettes” and “Seat Filler” became weekly shows at The Secret Cellar.

-Became a manager at The Secret Cellar (or as I like to put it, I became the first person with Tourette Syndrome to become a manager of a comedy club in Iceland. It’s the first and only comedy club in Iceland, but I’ll still take the win!).

-Was placed in charge of planning an event at the club and it was a success!

-Started performing percussive guitar in public for the first time.

-Had a logo and artwork created for “My Voices Have Tourettes” by Brian from Comedy Artwork.

-Created a website for “My Voices Have Tourettes”

-Created a logo for a friend’s show.

-Co-created cocktails.

-Saw a post on Facebook that “My Voices Have Tourettes” inspired a friend to stop being embarrassed about having Tourette Syndrome.

-Was a guest on several podcasts to promote mental health awareness, “My Voices Have Tourettes”, and The Secret Cellar.

-Had a promo created for “My Voices Have Tourettes” by the incredibly talented Guðmundur Jóhannsson.

-Was interviewed on two radio stations here in Iceland to promote mental health awareness and “My Voices Have Tourettes”.

-Guide To Iceland wrote an article about “My Voices Have Tourettes”.

-Sang a song in karaoke that I always dreamed of being able to sing and, for the first time ever, was able to sing it because of not suppressing tics as much anymore.

-Performed stand up comedy at a school to promote "My Voices Have Tourettes".

-Performed stand up comedy for a private Christmas party.

-Created merchandise for “My Voices Have Tourettes”.

-Performed stand up comedy in Los Angeles, California.

-Started writing a blog (never done that before).

-Recorded two episodes for a new podcast for “My Voices Have Tourettes” (being released soon).

2018 was a great year and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2019!

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